All mapped out

Anatomy of a Service.jpg

The making of the multi-gen service, "Helping Hands"
Green equals ritual liturgical element
Yellow equals music
Pink equals concept
Purple equals story explaining concept
Blue equals interactive ritual

Too fun!

Here's the explanation:
I’m excited to be working on the multi-generational service scheduled for this first Sunday in April. In it, I will be finishing a trilogy of services, Loving heart (All you need is love, February 2011), Open Mind (Open Mind is like a riddle, March 2011) and Helping Hands, (April 3) With this service, I will be presenting the big idea that we need to be helping hands in the world. From there, I will connect how helping hands are connected to how we treat each other, specifically how we communicate. (For the adults, this is the work of Marshall Rosenberg and non-violent communication.) Finally, I want to link it back to the “unrecognized global movement” and the huge number of people and organizations effecting positive change in their communities (from the work of Paul Hawken and his book, Blessed Unrest.)