A different reflection


One of my main tenets is that all things lost are found. I can only hope that it is true for me, for all of us.

It's not that I'm physically lost, it's that I'm emotionally adrift. It may or may not show to the casual observer, but it's apparent if you look closely into my eyes. It could be the continuing grief of the loss of my younger brother this past fall. Although I think feelings of disconnection has been going on for awhile. Perhaps a lifetime. Perhaps all of our lifetimes.

Maybe we are all becoming aware of it because the human world itself is adrift, floating in some space of unreality, caught in its own manifestation where truth is untruth, and what's good for one is not good for the whole. For in the detail is the whole, a natural hologram that seems, in this moment, to me, to be spiraling downward.

Perhaps it is just darkest before the dawn.

Certainly there are those lucky ones who find some sort of sustenance in the art of daily living, the pleasures of family and the comfort of home. There are even those that are sparked by the challenges that this world adrift offers.

And in the new year there are lots of thoughts of new beginnings and hope. I, myself, harbor the hope that this year will be year of coming together, a time when all of our uniqueness will coalesce into a beautiful symphony that is each and every one of us, revitalized.

So I begin. I'm on Day 2 of getting rid of 27 things, thinking that as I lighten the load, I will lighten myself. Today I discarded unused and half-burnt candles and at least four power supply cords. Lord knows what I will do when I find the appliance or gismo that needs the power supply -- add it to the next 27 things to get rid of, no doubt.

I also am committed to a bit of exercise. While weight is not a problem, my mid-fifties body is in need of some tuning, as is my mind, as is my spirit.

So here's to the journey. To celebrate each day and to connect with myself in a positive manner is my goal. This blog, here, now, is that commitment actualized.

Perhaps you have your own journey that you will share in this space.