Frosty morning

The dew was already frozen on the grass when I went out last night at 5:30 p.m. to pick parsley and beets for last night's dinner. Stephen was fixing a baked chicken, stuffed with rice, apricots and some of our dried apples and peaches. (I don't know if meal choice was because we spent Thanksgiving in New York City with some 25 relatives of our respective families, and had no Thanksgiving-like leftovers, but the small stuffed bird, the roasted potatoes, onions and beets were a wonderful end to the Thanksgiving holiday.)

The pine trees were frosted this morning. I watched as the sun was turning the tips green and melting the thinning ice. I had the desire to go out and photograph the fleeting moment but an impending phone appointment made that impossible.

Now the frost is gone and the trees are totally sunlit. I imagine that there are spots in the woods yet that are hidden from the light that remain frozen still. I think about how that mirrors the hidden places in our hearts: the self doubt and the limiting beliefs that remain frosty, cold and barren.

How fortunate for us, as humans, that our inner life force is strong and that with each breath we have the capacity to open our hearts and let in the warming light.

After my call, I notice that there are places where the frost exists still, and I make my way from my the house into the morning's chill and back again.