Happy Anniversary

Twenty-five years ago today, my house burned down. I remembered and did the math while listening to a story about a church burning down and a button box lost. Told as part of UULTI (Unitarian Universalist Leadership Training Institute), held in Ocean Grove this past weekend, I think the point of the story was to reveal a truth that historically our institutions have collective treasure and knowledge that we would do well to remember.

Perhaps it was a tale about resilience.

For me, it struck a chord of loss and tears streamed down my cheeks and touched a well of sorrow that I was unaware existed at the core of my being. Perhaps like some are unaware that there is a button box in some church corner somewhere.

This morning, the smoke alarm sound three times.

Funny, no?

There are so many unexplained happenings. Lives change in an instant and, at the same time, imperceptibly, we find ourselves 25 years later thankful for the gifts of the day.