A rabbit was on the inside of the fence when I approached the garden this morning. I watched as it slipped through the bottom of the fence where the chicken wire had rusted away. A moment later it ran from behind the bale of hay and paused some 10 feet away. I yelled at it, just to be inhospitable, and Dodger took off after it. "You get 'em," I called as after my 15-year-old dog took chase.

Once in the garden, I looked around for what it might have been eating and didn't see any nibbling. Later, when I saw this pathway through the green beans, I realized that left unchecked, or on the wrong side of the garden fence, that we and that rabbit would be fighting over the beans. Stepping back, I took a picture of bed and a closeup of the plants.

While I am really not willing to share, I see that there is great abundance.

And that there will be a great crop of beans this summer.

When I'm ready to return to the house, I reinforce the chicken wire that the rabbit had slipped through with a piece of hogwire fencing, and vow to mention to husband Stephen how the rabbit is keeping pace with his efforts to keep him out.