This Week's Service at UDUUF

January 28, 2018 - 10:15am

Art Kolbjornsen spent two years (1969-1970) teaching History, Religion, Sports, Shop and occasionally, Maths, in the highlands of Papua New Guinea when it was a trust territory of the United Nations and under the guardianship of the Australian Government.
He served in a 300 student high school with some of the brightest students in the territory. All were learning in English which was either the third of fourth language for the students. The students were eager, interested and curious and most achieved considerable success. The long term consequences of their academic experiences were both surprising and disappointing, even tragic in some cases. The same unfortunate outcomes were registered on the societal level as well.
Art will lead a discussion of the complications of cross cultural interaction wondering how we all can be more informed and responsible in today's Global Village.